The Dreamer - 3D Art Installation from Into-Action - 2018

The Dreamer is a 3D installation piece that I created out of everything I learned on a trip to Brownsville, Texas. After meeting Coyotes, crooked lawyers, dreamers and a lot of undocumented immigrants, I felt compelled to create art to ignite positive change.

By replacing the white Gerber baby with a hispanic child, I felt it hit home to mothers and all of humanity who grew up on the stuff. Changing the name from...

Kii Arens Directs Video for Pat Benatar's "Dancing Through the Wreckage"

Pat Benatar released a powerful video for "Dancing Through the Wreckage," which is directed by Kii Arens. The video starts black and white, and completes in color. The inspirational song is written by Linda Perry, Neil Giraldo and Benatar, and is featured in Served Like a Girl, a documentary to raise awareness for homeless female veterans in America.

2 Pixies

While on a trip in the middle of Mexico, I spotted a messed up painting of a watermelon that inspired me to do this. Qbert meets watermelon. Slicing and dicing this image was quick and a lot of fun.

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Pixies - Ovens Auditorium - September, 2010
Pixies - The Louisville Palace - November, 2011


Pope on Black Velvet

Pop Francis visited New York in September 2015, at the time he started doing lot of things that most popes haven’t. In honor of him and his free spirit and his kind words and his kind ways, I decided to make Black Velvet I heart New York Pope poster. You should get one. Get two. You have a lot of friends that would want one of these fuzzy black velvet posters!

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Women's March

Normally I am not a very politically minded artist, but there is nothing my brain can do but create art this year for inevitable or not the inevitable, but abominable Donal Trump and his beliefs in. So I created a print for friend of mine who was going to DC for Women's March. 

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Let's Chick Together and March
Women's March


Weezer Launch Posters

Here to talk about some of the posters that i've had the good fortune to design for. 

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Ultimate Weezer Poster Pack
WEEZER Memories Tour 2013
WEEZER The Forum 2008

Rainbow Jesus

This rainbow messiah felt so good to release. Open your arms and open your minds to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. Is Jesus real? Is God real? No one really knows. One thing is for sure that love is real.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The Obama administration has cracked open the egg on diversity on all fronts and I couldn't be happier. That is the inspiration for this Rainbow print. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is real. This print is all about pride and freedom of choice. And the text on top was just simple, fun and perfect, and made me laugh.

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Coachella 2016

If you've ever been to this event, you know it's another world, free of the day to day grind. I wanted the viewer of this poster to feel the same way when looking at the giant pink flamingos strut across the horizon line.

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Coachella - April, 2017 - NightCoachella - April, 2017 - DayCoachella - April,...

Pink Flamingoes

Pink Flamingoes have always been one of life's most beautiful creatures. If they're real, they're amazing... if they're plastic and they're in your front yard, it's art. If they're on your wall and framed, it's bliss. Head in the clouds and a soft breeze.

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The Krofft Super Art Show - Be There!

The Krofft Super Art Show - Be There!

Hey Everyone! I’m holding the Krofft Super Art Show to share some the fondness we all have for Sid & Marty Krofft.You know the Kroffts - you may not know you know them but maybe you do?

HR Pufnstuf - Krofft
Hanna-Barbera’s Bannana Splits - Krofft
Land of The Lost, Sigmond and The Sea Monster, Electra Woman, DynaGirl, Dr. Shrinker, Krofft Supershow!

They are eclectic AND they were incredibly talented and influential artists in the 70s, before and beyond. There will...

Glen's Last Stand at The Bowl

Three days before his passing, I filmed this touching clip regarding my poster art for Glen. Included is some insight into the video direction of two of the three videos I created for the Rhinestone Cowboy. RIP Glen Campbell 1936-2017. 

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Glen Campbell - Hollywood Bowl - June, 2012
Glen Campbell - Club Nokia  - October 2011

BECK Hollywood 2008

Wow! What a line-up on this show. I love Spoon and MGMT. This print was one of my very first real deal concert prints. I had already designed the bomb pop as a separate piece of art and it seemed so fitting for this triple bill. The design happened so fast and Beck approved it while he was in the dentist chair I've been told. I'm guessing he nodded for approval.

Donald Trump: Swipe Left

This design was created about 6 months before the walking Cheeto become president. It's a lighter take on the man but it still shows all of his unappealing qualities.

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Metallica Art Car

Cross this one off the list of things I thought I’d never do… literally. A Metallica designed Charger. Chargers are bitchin’… fact. Metallica is true blood metal. That's why I went for the “Kill ‘em all” vibe here. Art created by motion for art thats in motion… dude. Think about it… but not for too long.

Them Crooked Vultures

I love this album and band… wish they’d make another album! I’m talking some serious shit in this one… don’t miss this red hot segment.

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THEM CROOKED VULTURES Debut record release show

Dolly Parton at The Hollywood Bowl

I don’t want to spoil the fun on this once in a lifetime opportunity… just watch and you’ll hear how it went down. Love you Dolly!

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In this clip you see me dive into a brand new art genre… I think. Creating a 3D concert print and then photographing it so it will be printed as a Lithograph just made my mind bend the perfectly wrong way.


Been wanting to do this for a while now…make a paper airplane blue print for a concert print. Weezer is the perfect candidate for this sort of rocking fun.

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Autographed Guitar

This is my prized possession! I have taken this guitar to concerts and festivals where some of best all-time musicians signed my guitar! So many people have signed it - BB King and Cheap Trick and John Mellencamp and Def Leppard and so many more.

Queens of The Stone Age / Skull Girls

Spawned from the video I directed with Jason Trucco for the song Vampyre of Memory and Time. Get the straight scoop on the 9 naked models that hit the cutting room floor. Get the skinny and the intent of this racy / glittery print.

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Queens of the Stone Age Dead ZooQueens of the Stone Age - Metropolis - March, 2010Queens of the...

My Morning Jacket

Filmed in the Morning in my backyard next to my French Fry Garden.

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The Revolution Reunion Photoshoot (of Prince and The Revolution)

First off… Prince is the only one outside of the Beatles that should ever be able to use that word. Lenny Kravitz shut your mouth… you ain’t no revolution. I was beyond thrilled to photograph these guys while they were rehearsing their tribute shows. I walked in while Wendy was singing Beautiful Ones… my personal fave. Chills!

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Making of Making-Your-Own Beck Toothpaste Box Print

This one tickles me pink. I was so excited when I thought of this toothpaste box design. Just one of those things I knew would work well. I’m obsessed with large models of smaller things. Thank you Mike TeeVee and Willy Wonka.

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Kii Arens Visits Mark Mothersbaugh

I stopped by his fab studio Mutato on Sunset and talked about his brilliant idea to create a 45 one off. Amazing that he has the equipment to handle the task all in house. Mark is number 1 in my book.